About Us

Hi Everyone!

We are Nadia and Natalia. We’ve been best friends for over a decade and share style, fashion and art interests. Today we are both in our early twenties and live in different countries. Natalia resides in New York, USA  and studies at Fashion Institute of Technology and Nadia lives in Bologna, Italy, where she attends The UNiversity of Bologna. We always wanted to share our points of view with our friends and now it’s finally available on our blog.

So what is it about? Here we’re going to put pictures , made in two different countries at the same time, showing different combinations of clothing, accessories and colors. Comparing our pictures we would like to make an accent on that fact that fashion is very versatile and fast object – that we trying to capture. We suggest some styling tips and just try to provide interesting pictures for those who loves fashion.

We will be happy if you share our point of view and always ready to hear your questions and offers! Thank you!

Ciao a tutti!

Siamo Nadia e Natalia, ragazze di 23 anni. Una vive a New York e altra a Bologna. La moda e l’arte sono le nostre passioni e da qui l’idea di aprire un Blog.

Cosa vogliamo condividere? Le nostre foto in Italia e in Amerika, cambiando vestiti, colori e accessori. Confrontando le nostre foto, scattate nei diversi posti, vi mostreremmo che lo stile nella Grande Mela non è poi così diverso da quello sotto le due torri. Perché la moda non è americana o italiana, la moda è arte e l’arte non ha confini.

Saremmo contente se condividete il nostro punto di vista e siamo sempre felici di sentire commenti e suggerimenti!!!N&NStyle

Всем привет!

Mы Надя и Наташа, нам обеим по 23 года. сейчас одна из нас живет в Нью Йорке, а другая в Болонье. Нас всегда интересовала мода и искусство, и недавно мы решили обзавестись собственным блогом.

О чем наш блог? В нем мы выкладываем фотографии, сделанные в двух различных странах, показывая всевозможные сочетания одежды, аксессуаров и цветов. Сравнивая наши фотографии, мы бы хотели акцентировать внимание на том, что мода- это прежде всего искусство, и стиль одежды мегаполиса, в конечном итоге, не сильно отличается от стиля небольшого европейского городка.

Мы будем рады, если вы разделите нашу точку зрения, а также мы всегда готовы услышать ваши отзывы и предложения!!!

One thought on “About Us

  1. Thanks so much for following my blog! You’re two great people to have joining in my fun – I enjoy your posts, too. Combining countries – wonderful idea! I post a phot and comments about true vintage items from my own closet almost every day. I hope you’ll enjoy.

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